A Beginners Guide to Building Model Trains

model_train3A diecast metal model train collection can be an interesting sight and building them can also be fun. If you are just getting started with collecting and building your first diecast metal model train, there are some things you may want to consider. Building a diecast metal model train from scratch is very detailed work, more-so than with a model car or plane. There are many tiny pieces involved when building a model train. This is especially true if you will be building a train that will eventually run on tracks. Building the train from a kit will reduce your workload some, if you choose the correct skill level, but trains are still more difficult to piece together than other model vehicles. Another option is to opt for a pre-built diecast metal model train. This way, most of the building will come in assembling the train sections together to run on the tracks.

Whichever option you choose, you will want to have some basic materials around to help you in building your diecast metal model train, as well as have some information and resources available, should you need help or ideas. CA glue is probably the most often needed tool for anyone building a diecast metal model train. Even if you will be working with a pre-built, you'll still want the glue handy as these trains can be delicate. If a piece somehow breaks, your CA glue will come in handy.

Some other materials that can come in handy for building a diecast metal model train include a soldering gun, solder, tweezers, cleaning brush and cleaning cloth, metal cutting tools, wax paper for covering the work surface, model paint, and clear acrylic. You may find you need other materials as well, but these are the general materials you should probably have on hand. If you will be working from a kit, some of these may be included. Be sure to check the packaging to see what comes with the kit and anticipate what extra things you may need.

There are also extra accessories to consider adding if they do not come with your model or you are building a diecast metal model train from scratch. Some of these could include a sound chip and bell, a working engine, tracks, scenery, a display case, extra train cars to attach, and much
more. Building a diecast metal model train can be very simple or it can be very detailed and involved. It all depends on what you are looking for and how much time you are willing to commit.

-- Lyn Lomasi